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magnetically you

Sep 1, 2020

If you've been in a "funk" recently, you might actually be going through a spiritual awakening. ⁠

Listen to this episode to find out! I'm sharing 9 signs to tell if your "funk" is actually a spiritual awakening.

Once I realized this was what I was experiencing, things shifted quickly. I was finally able to let go of the limiting beliefs and old patterns I had been clinging to. I knew they were just coming to the surface because I was fully ready to release them.

And by doing so, it's created so much energetic space for more magic and abundance. Since realizing this, I've manifested $100 worth of essential oils, a free eye cream from Sephora, 5 new aligned friendships, being invited as a guest on 3 other amazing podcasts and $29 off a pair of shoes I've been wanting. This is the kind of magic you attract when you do the inner work to step into your higher self every single day. I'm so pumped for you to listen to this episode because I want this kind of magic and more to start flooding your way too - and it will!

⁠I'm also sharing my juicy tips and tricks to get over your "funk" and get back to feeling your best (actually, better than you're best because you're stepping into the next level version of yourself!).


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ 9 signs that your "funk" is actually a spiritual awakening

✧ why the uncomfortable "void" between letting go of the old version of yourself and stepping into the new is actually where the magic happens

✧ how to normalize abundance and miracles so you attract more of them

✧ why you need to give yourself permission to feel your feelings

✧ how to get over your funk and back to feeling your best (actually better than your best!)



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