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magnetically you

Jul 7, 2020

Science shows that our brains make decisions for us 95% of the time using our subconscious mind, even if we "think" we're consciously making the decision. Everything we believe, we have been programmed to believe. You're basically a walking subconscious from ages 0-7, which is when most of your beliefs get formed.

But the good news is that your brain CAN change. And learning to work with your subconscious mind is critical if you want to heal and create transformation in any area of your life.

In this episode, Jasmine shares her incredible story of how she used the power of her subconscious mind to heal her eating disorder and long list of other health issues.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why talk therapy isn't the most effective healing tool and can sometimes exacerbate your struggles

✧ The difference between the conscious and subconscious mind

✧ The fastest, most effective way to heal your past and childhood traumas

✧ Why "thinking positive" doesn't work and what you need to do instead to shift your mindset and energy

✧ Why you should make feeling good your #1 priority

✧ What it REALLY means when your body is in pain

✧ How to use your subconscious mind to return to your natural state of health and well-being



Guest Bio:

Jasmine is a Holistic Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer that helps women heal their mind, body & spirit. She guides her clients to discover the root cause behind their struggles while equipping them with the tools and energy shifts to create quantum leaps to create the lives they truly deserve & desire.



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