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magnetically you

Jul 21, 2020

I’m so excited to introduce this sweet angel to you today! Madison Ayers and I have SO much in common and if you’ve ever struggled with your relationship with food or your body, you’re really going to relate to her story too. Like me, healing her relationship with food and her body unlocked her spiritual journey and allowed her to fully step into her power and purpose. And in this episode, we’re going to help you do the same!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why changing your environment NEVER fixes the issues you have with food

✧ What to do if you hit a plateau in your healing and feel stuck

✧ How to silence and challenge your negative thoughts about food and your body

✧ The danger of using self-help as a means to make you more worthy

✧ The KEY to making new thoughts and habits around food and your body stick

✧ Why intuitive eating and body acceptance isn’t just a physical journey

✧ How to use your addictive/obsessive personality as a superpower

✧ How to tap into your higher self so you can expand your mindset and life



Guest Bio:

Madison Ayers is a body acceptance and self-love enthusiast who is on a mission to help women heal the relationship that they have with their body. Through years of self-study and spiritual exploration, she’s created a powerful process that empowers others to move from self-doubt and self-deprecation to wholly accepting and loving all that they are and came here to be - body included. She now teaches other women how to foster this relationship within themselves, so that they can move beyond the obsession with the physical self and reclaim a connection with the higher self.



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