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magnetically you

Jul 14, 2020

This episode is JUICY AF - YES, we are talking all about your period and no, this is not going to bore you or gross you out. Your period is an actual freaking MIRACLE and in this episode, I’m going to share with you how you can harness the magic and power of your menstrual cycle.

Learning how to track and get in flow with my cycle has been life-changing for me and I can’t wait for you to try this out for yourself and witness the powerful shifts in your life!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What’s happening in your body and with your hormones in the 4 phases of your cycle: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, luteal

✧ What activities to focus on during each cycle to maximize the energy you’re working with

✧ What types of exercise to do in each phase of your cycle to honor your body

✧ How to show up for yourself and give yourself grace when you’re in the moody, sad or anxious phases of your cycle

✧ How to capitalize on the good vibes and increased energy you feel during your follicular and ovulatory phases

✧ The period tracking app I use that makes it super easy to get in sync with your body

✧ If you don’t have a period, you can still get into a cyclical flow using the phases of the moon



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