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magnetically you

May 26, 2020

I was hooked on breathwork from the very first time I did it...and today's special guest is actually the facilitator who led my first breathwork session ever, Dennise Paccione. Breathwork is a SUPER powerful healing tool for your mind, body and soul.

I related SO much to Dennise's story and I think you will too. She shares all about her journey of being a type A achiever - someone who was always trying to get to the next milestone and no matter what she achieved, it never felt like enough. She was burnt out and exhausted from seeking deeper meaning in her life through achievement. When she found breathwork, everything shifted for her!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What breathwork is and how it can help you overcome burnout and get into alignment

✧ The powerful benefits of breathwork

✧ How breathwork allows you to bypass the mind and gives the body the opportunity to release emotional blocks or stuck emotions

✧ How Dennise let go of "never feeling good enough" and stepped into her purpose and power

✧ Why behaviors are just information for you to explore

✧ My WEIRD AF (but AMAZING) 1st experience with breathwork

✧ Dennise will lead you through a transformative breathwork session at the end of this episode - you are going to feel so good after!


Click here for a demo of the breathwork session we did in this episode!


Guest Bio:

Dennise is a breathwork facilitator and stress management coach that focuses on helping high performance women reduce stress and overwhelm using breath. She firmly believes in the transformational capabilities of breathwork through her own personal struggle with burn out and disconnection. After trying so many modalities and therapies to bring her life back into alignment breathwork was a game changer and she is out to share it with the world.



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