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magnetically you

Jun 30, 2020

If you’re tired of worrying about food all the time, sick of wondering if you’re making the “right” choices and need someone to make it SIMPLE so you can finally eat in a balanced way WITHOUT all the anxiety and guilt, this is a MUST listen!!

I’m REVEALING my proven 8 step process to break free from thinking about food all the time so you can get back your you can have the mental space and energy to focus on your relationships, goals and things that truly matter to you.⁠ These are the exact steps that have allowed me (and all of the amazing women who have been through my online course, The Subtle Art of Food Freedom), to rewire my brain for food freedom and become a confident, intuitive eater.

In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why intuitive eating isn’t enough on it’s own and how to fill in the gaps

✧ How to create a clear vision for your relationship to food and your body

✧ How to think the thoughts, adopt the beliefs and take the actions that the version of you who’s already made peace with food and her body would take

✧ How to practice intuitive eating the EFFECTIVE way

✧ The SECRETS to loving your body NOW

✧ Why it’s critical that you operate from a self-care, not self-control mindset

✧ How to feel happier and more confident right now

✧ How to improve your health without guilt, shame, punishment or rules


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