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magnetically you

Jun 13, 2020

This week I interviewed my friend Olivia Sylvestro, a brand design guru, all about how to create a magnetic brand and have your soulmate clients begging to work with you!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why you need to stop listening to what everyone else is doing

✧ How yoga teacher training changed everything for Olivia

✧ How to infuse the "woo" into your biz

✧ The ONE thing you must do if you want to go big

✧ The 3 MOST important steps to focus on when it comes to magnetic branding and attracting your ideal clients

✧ How to create more consistency in your branding so that you can create consistency in your income

✧ How to make your brand stand out and infuse your personality into your brand

✧ Olivia's daily spiritual and personal development rituals that keep her energy magnetic



Guest Bio:

Olivia is a brand design guru who helps coaches & wellness businesses create soul-filling brands that align with their mission, connect with their audience and attract infinite abundance - all while sipping mushroom coffee and wearing their favorite pair of lulu's.



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