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magnetically you

Sep 8, 2020

"It's not working" is a LIE that's keeping you stuck.⁠⁠

What even is "working"? Who decides when it's "working" or when "it's not"? ⁠

I realized the other day that i was believing that in order to deem my business as "working", I had to be making over $10k a month and since I wasn't hitting those numbers (YET 😉), i decided to make it mean that what I was doing wasn't working. ⁠

But this mindset leads to a never ending chase to be somewhere I'm not. If I have to get "there" in order for things to be "working", then it will never be "working" and I'll always feel disappointed and not good enough in the present and that's DEF not the vibe I want to live in forever.⁠

⁠So i did some deep dive journaling around this belief and I'm sharing all of my breakthroughs in this episode!

If you've been telling yourself "it's not working" and feeling discouraged, always wondering what the heck you're doing wrong, YOU'VE GOTTA LISTEN to this week's podcast episode!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ why "it's not working" is actually an illusion keeping you stuck in fear and self-sabotage

✧ what's actually happening when it feels like things aren't "working"

✧ what you're missing out on by believing "it's not working"

✧ how to choose and step into a more empowering mindset so you can attract ideas and opportunities (instead of staying stuck in self-doubt)



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